Moon in Leo

Is this mine or is it yours? Can it be ours? Does ownership have to be exclusive? Can my house be your house and vice versa? Questions are now emerging regarding our concepts of territory and ownership! We are now living in the most interesting of times.

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Pluto sextile Saturn

Do you fight for love or do you love to fight? Are love and war different sides of the same coin? Is it possible to love those you fight? Currently ,limits are being tested and weaknesses unearthed with a possibility to see the game for what it really is.


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Jupiter semi-square Mars ,April 18th 2013


Are you fighting too hard to achieve what you need? Are you feeling like your battering your head against a brick wall? Then..err..what do we do next? Well, Jupiter is suggesting that we heed the words of John Lennon and “give peace a chance”.

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