Moon in Pisces ,May 6th 2013


What are the range of emotions you can perceive?Is there any logic to why you perceive emotions in all it’s extremes?Can we select events which will in turn produce experiences fuelling the feelings we desire?How do we feel about our current emotional state? Today is not about logic at all. It is a day of experience and reflection.The best that we can do is to go along for the ride but ,of course ,use your previous recollections to guide you to correct choices.

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Moon in Pisces, May 4th 2013


What do you know?Do you believe what you know?How do you feel about what you know?What do know about what you create?Do you believe that you can create? Today ,your feelings are fuelling the need to create. Trust your feelings to paint your reality for you. Don’t try and block it or control it. Allow the events of the day to create your reality for you.

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Chiron in Pisces, April 19th 2013


A day of recognising that your self worth is more than you realise. Events may happen which allow you to see that you are here for a reason. Chiron’s travelling through Pisces at the moment showing you ways to make every day an awe inspiring event.

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Moon in Pisces ,April 7th 2013


Tonight your guardian angel is on duty. Like a beacon in the night it will lead you to safer shores. If you are finding that the riptide of Mars has taken you out to deep waters then listen closely to that inner voice which will take you to calmer waters.

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Mercury in Pisces, 5th of April 2013


You see but you do not observe! Mercury is channeling our friend Sherlock Holmes today. So, that means the universe is casting you in the role of Watson. Mercury will throw up a number of clues for you to observe. The art will be not in seeing what’s in front of you but in placing every factor into context. And to add some extra drama for you ,Mercury will throw in a few red herrings as well.

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Mercury in Pisces,30th March 2013


Mercury is placed in Pisces whilst it touches on the zone of family. It’s best to have an easy night and just watch a movie and keep things breezy. It’s not a night for deep and meaningful conversations as Mercury’s message may be taken the wrong way.

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Venus in the 11th House, March 20th 2013


Cuddles,laughter and sunshine is the aim of today. As the sign of love is cruising through the social sphere it asks you to smile,chat and whittle the day away in pleasant conversation

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Neptune in Pisces


Is this real life or is this just fantasy.Neptune is trying to help us find out.It is merging the spiritual and the material . Neptune is in Pisces for a while until 2025.Expect to see more media regarding dreams,escapism,spirituality and cosmic consciousness.

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The sun in Pisces March 18th 2013


The sun is shining into the realm of the dichotomy.
Is the silver lining of the cloud sweeter than the rain or does the rain offer further growth for another day even if it curtails our activities now. Our object today is seeing ,feeling and exploring the paradoxical nature of this day