Moon square Pluto

What lies beneath the surface of people’s intent? How do you know what they are thinking? Is it by their body language? Is it by their actions? Currently, the universe is providing us with the clues that we need to reflect on what we are seeing. The trick also is to be honest with ourselves in assessing what we uncover.

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Moon square Pluto,April 24th 2013

A day of public life. Areas such as work and school will be the focus today. Issues regarding equality and social freedoms may make progress today as negotiations will centre on the true emotion of the situation.At the very least, it is a great day to ask questions ,as you will, more than likely,get an honest answer.

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Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ,April 14th 2013


Have you relapsed again? Are you sensing that you have been here before? Is your universe feeling a little bit Freudian? Are you starting to realise, that you are the patient and not everyone else?Hmmm,…..the faces are changing but the themes are not.Errr…. Well, It’s time to sit on that couch again and start a new therapy session. Pluto is asking us to analyse our life and look at the themes we are experiencing. So,sit back,relax and look within to find the recurring theme.

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Saturn sextile Pluto, April 10th 2013


When is a challenge not a challenge? When you have practiced. Life is edging you into familiar but life-changing territory. You may hear the cries of others begging you to stop. Don’t worry.Karma is creating the heroes’ journey for you. Events are leading you to answers and people who will ensure you overcome all obstacles. The prize? The next step in allowing the real you to shine through.

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Moon square Pluto, April 10th 2013


The stakes are high. Your reputation is on the line. Eyes are watching ,waiting for you to fail. You can hear your heart beating loudly. But you have been here before. You have thought about it. You have practiced for it . And you know you can succeed. The moon gives you the confidence to surpass any barrier and move one step closer to achieving your goals.

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Mars square Pluto ,April 7th 2013


Fly to high, run to fast. Life in the fast lane. Everything’s a blur. The adrenaline is pumping and your heart is pounding. Your instincts are red hot. Mars is putting the pedal to the metal. Oh no! What’s that! Swerve! Left ,right,brake, spin , what next? Pluto is throwing obstacles on the track while your life is in overdrive. In simple terms ,confidence is sky high but planning and careful foresight for all possibilities is required if you are in high risk circumstances.

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