Moon in Aries, May 8th 2013


Where are your thoughts now? Are they focused in the now or in the past? Are thoughts about tomorrow on your mind?Are you planning your life or just going with the flow?Do you want the future to be like the past? If not, do you want a future that is different from the troubles you are experiencing today? The heavens have a simple message reminding you that you have the power to “edit” the script of your life and choose the experiences that will provide a full and bountiful experience.

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Moon in Aries,May 7th 2013


What does the future hold?What are your feelings toward the next moment?Is there a pattern to the narrative of your life?Today ,try and look at the events which unfold and use these as clues to future possibilities. Reflect on these events at the end of the day and look at what you like or don’t like. With this information you are free to plan what you would like to experience next.

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