Moon square Pluto, April 10th 2013


The stakes are high. Your reputation is on the line. Eyes are watching ,waiting for you to fail. You can hear your heart beating loudly. But you have been here before. You have thought about it. You have practiced for it . And you know you can succeed. The moon gives you the confidence to surpass any barrier and move one step closer to achieving your goals.

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Neptune square Jupiter ,April 9th 2013


Possibilities expand before you today in a cornucopia of freedom. The planets are giving you a wonderful day just to let your hair down and be the person you truly are.

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Sun semi-square Neptune ,April 9th 2013


An awe inspiring day where words may be incapable of explaining what you feel. A perfect day to sit down and just soak in the atmosphere.

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Mars square Pluto ,April 7th 2013


Fly to high, run to fast. Life in the fast lane. Everything’s a blur. The adrenaline is pumping and your heart is pounding. Your instincts are red hot. Mars is putting the pedal to the metal. Oh no! What’s that! Swerve! Left ,right,brake, spin , what next? Pluto is throwing obstacles on the track while your life is in overdrive. In simple terms ,confidence is sky high but planning and careful foresight for all possibilities is required if you are in high risk circumstances.

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