Sun conjunct Mercury

Not again! Why now! I’ve been through this so many times ! Do you feel like you are experiencing your very own ground hog day? Are you frustrated at having to live through an experience that you thought could never happen again? If this is the case then you will need to look inward and trust your feelings to guide you through this time.


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Sun in Gemini ,May 28th 2013


Is your dreaming life more intense than your waking life? Does your waking life fuel your dreams or is it vice versa? Have people in your dreams materialised in waking life? Have the events of your dream life provided déjà vu situations during your day? How do you know something that there is no possible way to explain? Over the coming days be prepared to expect the unexpected. In true Gemini fashion you may be taken down the rabbit hole to provoke intense investigations of your own role in reality.

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