Sun conjunct Mercury,May 10th 2013


What does it feel like to see everything as solid and unshakable? How can you stop an object on a fixed course?How would you change a persons mind? Why does it feel like everything is so black and white? Today is a day of dealing with the material things in life such as money,business and profit.For some it is a great day just to sit back and ride the momentum. If you are trying to change someone’s mind then you may need to rethink your strategy as to how you can guide the other person to see your point of view.If you are trying to stop someone from making a decision then you may find that you are wasting your time. Today is a great day for logic and producing firm,fixed results but if your are looking to negotiate a deal then it may be best to pick your time wisely to ensure success.

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Sun conjunct Mars, April 29th 2013


Do you feel like it’s time for a change? Are you thinking about how you see the world and the world sees you? Today, Mars is giving you the confidence to start re-imagining the way you project yourself in the world.

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Please feel free to share any thoughts on how the stars are influencing you to make changes in the comments section below.

Sun semi-sextile Uranus, April 28th 2013


Are thoughts like seeds?If they are planted in fertile ,warm moist ground will they grow? Of course they will! Today the sun is lighting the path for you to follow to help your dreams flower. You may need to ask important questions of where you need to be in order to meet the right people, who will provide the right nutrients and soul food to help your ideas become a reality.

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Sun in Taurus ,April 25th


Practical and stoic you will be able to push forward with all engines at full steam. Self expression and indulgence are at the forefront. A time of growth in all things. A perfect time for meeting new friends and creating new memories. So go out and make wonderful and inspiring life events that can be looked back on with a smile.

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Sun sextile Moon ,April 15th 2013


A day to decide on what you wish to achieve. Your creative energy is increasing and now is a good time to put your plans in motion.

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What are you planning ? Please let us know by posting in the comments section below.

Sun conjunct Moon, April 11th 2013


The Sun is giving you the energy to create. You may notice that things you need may start to flicker in your grasp. If you need help to achieve you goals,ask for it and you may see it come your way.

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Sun semi-square Neptune ,April 9th 2013


An awe inspiring day where words may be incapable of explaining what you feel. A perfect day to sit down and just soak in the atmosphere.

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