Uranus opposition Mars.

What’s that! What is it! I didn’t expect that! Surprise ! Something has already changed you mind about what’s next.


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Venus semi-square Uranus, May 7th 2013


Why do our tastes change when we change?How does our image change when we change on the inside?How does others view of us change as we morph into another way of thinking?Why do some people leave as we change and others come? Today it is worthy to ponder on these thoughts as you journey through the day.

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Sun semi-sextile Uranus, April 28th 2013


Are thoughts like seeds?If they are planted in fertile ,warm moist ground will they grow? Of course they will! Today the sun is lighting the path for you to follow to help your dreams flower. You may need to ask important questions of where you need to be in order to meet the right people, who will provide the right nutrients and soul food to help your ideas become a reality.

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Mercury conjunct Uranus, April 22nd 2013


Messages,urges,feeling are bubbling underneath.Your outside reality is presenting you with a challenge which is unstoppable and unmovable. Are you really going to bash your head against a brick wall? Err..well no! Now, you are being inspired to find another way around it. Necessity is the mother of all invention and now the current times are inspiring you to create a solution. Ask your friends for help ,read books, watch t.v search for clues which will aid you in your progress. The current dilemma you face is in fact a gift which will yield rewards beyond what you can foresee. The heavens are showing a time of quests so go forth and live your heroic story.

Uranus in Aries, April 19th 2013


Wow. A day of high unpredictability.Just what is around the corner. With the high energy of Aries fused with Uranus you are guaranteed some good old fashioned adrenaline pumping adventure.

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Uranus semi-square Moon, April 13th 2013


Are we there yet? Well…er…almost. Your journey of transformation is still in progress. Your emotions are unsettled but that is just a side effect. As you are able to absorb and make sense of your new circumstances then you will understand the new sensations you are experiencing

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